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Originating in St Petersburg Russia, the Peterbald was created by crossing a Donskoy male with an Oriental Shorthair female.  The resulting kittens were the first examples of the Peterbald breed.

Unique to the Peterbald breed is that they can come in 5 different coat types: Bald, Chamois, Flock, Brush, and Straight coat.

Bald: Soft and warm, almost elastic feel to their skin.
Chamois: Very fine coat that resembles suede or peach fuzz.
Flock: Coat that resembles velour/velvet. Can be fine to slightly dense and is soft without any guard hairs.
Brush: Has a wiry and wavy appearance, skin can usually be seen through it. Should not resemble a regular coat.
Straight Coat: Resembles a "normal" coat. This type of coat will not change as kitten ages.


Other than their alluring look, one of the most intriguing parts about owning a Peterbald is their incredibly social personality. Often described as dog or child-like, the Peterbald is not your typical independent cat. They thrive on daily attention and interaction, finding different ways to stay involved with their familes whether it be following you around the house or curling up in your lap for a movie. Known for being more talkative than other breeds, the Peterbald makes a great choice for someone who wants a very interactive cat, they do not do well spending large amounts of time alone or ignored.

Difference between the Peterbald and the Sphynx

For people who are not familiar with the Peterbald breed, one question that gets brought up is how do they differ from the Sphynx breeds?There are three breeds of cats that can come in a "hairless" coat. The most common sphynx that most people see are the Candian Sphynx, there is also another breed of sphynx called the Donskoy. 

As mentioned above, the Peterbald breed was developed by crossing the Donskoy type sphynx with the Oriental Shorthair.

The main difference between the Canadian Sphynx and the Peterbald is body structure. The Peterbald resembles more of the Oriental Shorthair, with a long slender body, wider set ears, and an elongated head profile. The TICA Standard for the Peterbald can be viewed here:  https://tica.org/phocadownload/pd.pdf

Cdn. Sphynx -4 years

Peterbald -4 months

Peterbald head profile
- 8 months

Cdn. Sphynx -4 years

We recently attended the HillBilly Cat Club March Show in Edmonton and we are extremely thrilled to announce that Lily obtained a total of
along with a variety of other noteable awards.

We are waiting for the Official Results from TICA, but it looks as if Lily has achieved her SUPREME GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP in only 3 shows!