Quality Peterbalds

TICA registered breeders of quality Peterbald Cats
Sherwood Park, AB

About Us

Thanks for checking us out! Here at Selttiks Peterbalds, our main focus is raising healthy, socialized kittens with breed type. We are a small cattery and believe that our cats should be allowed to take part in the everyday aspects of our lives. They are raised "under our feet" to experience "housecat life" before they move on to their new loving homes. All of our cats are health tested and vet checked before breeding, and are raised on a primarily raw diet. 

Growing up, I spent every minute I could involved with animals. Whether it was showing our dogs in CKC events like conformation and Obedience, or showing my horses in the sport of Reining, I was constantly on the go every weekend with my pets.

Choosing the Peterbald breed came pretty easily to me after a bit of research. I have had a pet Canadian Sphynx for a few years and have always been enchanted with the elegant looks of the Peterbald. Eventually, when I settled and was in a good position to aquire my first Peterbald I got my sweet girl Lily, and I have been in love with the breed and their charming personalities since.

Why the name "Selttiks"?

Pronouced "Sell-ticks", the idea came to me after the loss of my best friend and childhood dog, Skittles. Being by my side for 12 and a half years, He was the sweetest most loyal dog and was with me for every adventure and achievement. It only made sense to honor his memory by calling my program "Selttiks" after him. AKA Skittles spelled backwards.